1.Profile Picture Zooming:

Aeroinsta has a convenient option to view the full image. Double-tap the dp to zoom in or zoom out.

2.Dark Themes:

This app presents dark themes of various colors, like dark green, dark red, dark blue, and more.


You can change to your account settings. Themes, posts, chat options, home screen, notification settings, and more features.

4.Downloading Media:

AeroInsta has a simple interface to download videos, photos, stories, and reels. Now media files are saved in the gallery with one click.

5.Hide Ads:

This leads to frustration and distraction. As you scroll through the post and interrupts by ads between. So block ads in the advanced settings of AeroInst to avoid ads.

6.Fast forward or rewind videos:

Aeroinsta features fast-forwarding and custom rewinding of Instagram videos. Save your time with Fast Forwards.

7.Built-in app and browser:

The latest version of Aeroinsta has a built-in browser. It has installed a built-in app lock. Now you don’t need to install app lock. This has made the app more secure.

8.App Lock:

Another fantastic feature of this apk is that you can lock your app without installing any other app. This feature is already built into this app.

9.Download with a double tap:

In Aeroinsta settings, you’ll find an option labeled “Download media on double tap.” Enable this option to download media by double-tapping it.

10.Feed customization:

You can set a shortcut for downloading media, and if you want to zoom posts, triple-tap on the posts. You can also manage autoplay media settings.

11.Fast forward and rewind videos:

You can fast-forward or rewind Instagram videos to the moments you want.

12.Hide the following posts:

There is a facility to hide your desired posts.

13.Upload Download:

Aeroinsta provides the facility to upload and download social content.


Keeps the user well informed about new developments and content on their feed.

15.Privacy and Security:

Ability to hide last seen, status, stories, and typing through PIN and fingerprint lock.

16.Main Themes:

Many groups of themes are ready to apply. The wallpaper and temples also are ready to use.

17.Turn sounds on and off:

Users have the facility to turn sound effects on or off during video play.

18.Set background:

It permits you to set background images completely.

19.Hide typing information:

This app gives you a typing feature that will hide your typing status. No one can see your typing mode.

20.No more recommended friends:

It gives you a feature that you can use to remove all your suggested friends from your Instagram account.

Key Features:

Option to prevent Instagram from collecting data related to your account.
When you visit another user’s profile, you can see if that person is following you. This functionality follows you.
Ability to hide posts you’ve liked in the past.
Ability to hide stories while entering or reading messages.
This Aeronista has many exciting features.
The ability to download all postings.
Ability to listen to articles and stories with audio without touching the screen.
Ability to download all stories, Reels, and other videos with one click.
It has a dark theme. The dark theme includes colors like blue, red, yellow, gold, red, and more.